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We are seeking outstanding individuals to join our leadership team.

If you are a Victorian-based, highly driven, dynamic and proactive leader with a proven track record of making amazing things happen, then we would love to hear from you.

By joining our committee you will be part of the team behind one of the most successful and highly regarded young business networks in Australia.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Work in a dynamic team to create new and exciting opportunities to inspire and grow Australia's future business leaders and connect them to Israel's unique innovative and entrepreneurial culture;

  • Create and run exclusive, high-level events with CEOs, Ministers, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs;

  • Shape the lives of emerging business leaders and others in the community through mentorship, professional development, and more.

  • Challenge yourself as a leader;

  • Gain incredible exposure to some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs and business leaders;

  • Leverage the connections and know-how of the AICC, one of Australia's most powerful chambers of commerce.

Preferred competencies include (but are not limited to):

  • Event Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Sponsorship / Fund raising / Philanthropy

  • Business Development 


You can learn more about our current committee here. For more information, please contact us at

reach out to us with questions, we'll gladly meet for a coffee and a chat.


Applications close Midnight, 22 september 2023

 "Through my role on the committee I've expanded my network, 

been challenged to grow professionally and personally, rubbed shoulders with global leaders 

and had the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful impact on people's lives. 

Without a doubt, for whatever effort I've put in, I've been rewarded many times over."

- Lauren Moses

Young AICC Committee members with Shayne Elliott, CEO ANZ, March 2018

"The opportunity to help someone find a new 

role, form a new perspective, or start a new 

business is most stasfying. All because 

opportunity is what changes us to be better 

than we are. Young AICC is the perfect vehicle to enable this while working in a team 

environment. I can't recommend it enough."

- Venu Metla 

Young AICC Committee Strategy Day, January 2018

"Being involved in the Young AICC is one of 

the best things I have done. 

Over the years, I have made long lasting 

friendships, listened to high caliber speakers, 

given back to the community through our 

programs and have also grown so much 

as an individual." 
- Jodi Weinberg

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