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4-month program, lifetime reward

The Young AICC Mentoring program uniquely connects individuals at different stages of their careers and from diverse industries in order to provide a rare opportunity to learn, grow and develop into Australia’s future business leaders. 


Monday 3rd April
Monday 1st May
Monday 5th June
Monday 3rd July


Four monthly workshops will be held for all participants and run by leaders of industry on a range of areas and topics that will stimulate learning and spark ideas and challenges for triads to solve together. Workshops offer an opportunity to network outside your triad, with past cohorts including exceptional individuals at all levels.


Further details on these workshops will be disseminated upon acceptance into the program.


Each triad includes a:

  • University Student (second year or later)

  • Young Professional (2+ years’ experience)

  • Senior Executive (10+ years’ experience) 

The three will meet monthly, at a minimum, in between the workshops.


This program uniquely includes a personal Enneagram Personality Test for each participant, plus a follow-up facilitation and debrief, valued at $650.

The Enneagram is a powerful approach to understanding the psychology, emotions and behaviour of ourselves and others, enabling us to grow and become strong leaders. Each participant will take a test and this will then frame deeper learning and growth among triads and the group as a whole. 

The 2023 mentoring program is run in proud partnership with 

Hall & Wilcox - Smarter Law - hi-res jpg


All participants are required to attend at least three of the events during the program, irrespective if others in their triad are able to attend.

In addition to attending the four events, we recommend each group commits to regular mentoring team meetings at least once per month (i.e. at least once in between each event). 


These meetings are to be organised at the discretion of each triad, however, there is an expectation that the Young Professional in each triad is ultimately responsible for organising these meetings. 


For all further details, including costs and eligibility, please click on the application page below.

Please contact us at for any and all questions.

"Many young professionals are seeking senior mentors – this program does just that. The YAICC Mentoring Program uses customised personality assessments to pair you with senior industry leaders and provides an environment for that relationship to grow. Personally, I know those bonds will far outlast the length of the formal 4-month program."

"My mentors, through sharing their own experiences, were instrumental in guiding me to make significant decisions and develop greater clarity around my professional pathway."

Ari Dancziger
Bachelor of Commerce, Monash University

“A refreshing and fulfilling learning experience for me.”

Phil Grant
Managing Partner, Nexia
Senior Mentor

Gil Grinberg
Partner, Deloitte
Senior Mentor

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